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Who is this guy?


This Bamboo fellow is a variety of people to be honest. He's kind of a Jack of all trades and master of few. Or at least one. Hopefully. Basically he's good at more than one thing which makes him a variety of "-ers" and that’s not bad, is it?


Does it say in some big book called “Rules of Being Human” that a person can only excel at one specific task? No it doesn’t, which is why this guy is a writer, a designer, an actor, and a self-proclaimed scientist. Other things that he’s not so good at but still is anyways, include guitarist, painter, napper and unicyclist.

He has a keen interest in technology, sports, social drinking, and the great outdoors; and he doesn’t just sit back and watch these things unfurl, he likes to get hands-on. But more importantly, what he likes most, is thinking. Thinking of new ways to do, say, feel, express, perceive, absorb. Novelty – That’s his true love.


In work, as in life, Bamboo has managed to make some staggering leaps without much in the form of qualifications or training. He's quite the autodidact. The specifics are laid out elsewhere but in a nutshell, he’s been a copywriter, creative supervisor, a social media marketer, a graphic & web designer, a UI/UX designer, and a creative head - all with a degree in Biotechnology.

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